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Emergency Dentistry in London

A member of the staff will answer your call as you dial the emergency dentist in London who will inform the emergency dentist on call that day after the preliminary details have been taken. Directions and the parking information will be provided to you once you have been informed of the practice that is the most appropriate for you. In order to make your claim after the treatment, you will be provided with the necessary documentation if you have dental insurance.

How to Obtain Emergency Dentistry Aid

If you happen to be in London or live in London and in need of immediate dental attention, then you should be equipped to act accordingly to obtain help as soon as possible.

If you are already registered with a dentist, then there are chances that the dentist may be able to help you once you contact them over the phone even after closing hours. If you are not registered, then the best option for you to obtain immediate dental aid is by calling the National Health Service (NHS) Direct who will be able to direct you to the nearest emergency dental practice or dentist in London.

Once you get hold of the information, you should be prepared to wait for some time at the emergency dental office before your turn arrives. If the urgency is great and you cannot afford to wait, then the alternative is to visit a private dentist. Even though this could be more expensive, the chances are higher that you will be able to obtain dental aid faster.

When to Seek Emergency Dental Aid

There are several cases where emergency dental aid becomes necessary. This is especially true if it causes severe pain, chances of losing a tooth or teeth and if it threatens to worsen or cause infection.

Some of these cases -:
  1. severe toothache
  2. swelling caused by infection or abscess
  3. the fillings or crown falls off
  4. broken denture
  5. broken / chipped teeth
  6. knocked out teeth
  7. extruding teeth
  8. fractured teeth
  9. pain and swelling caused by a wisdom tooth

Dental treatment can be quite costly therefore it is wise to obtain some form of dental insurance /dental plan to help you cope with the cost if the need arises. Private dental insurance normal covers the cost of your routine check ups, critical dental problems and also emergency dental aid.